Here at the Little Chick Company, we offer fully inclusive chicken keeping kits with our rehoming package, this means that anyone that has been involved in the chick hatching experience can rehome the chicks once they are of age, even if you have never kept chickens before.

It’s an amazing experience to go out into the garden and collect eggs laid by your very own chicken, let alone from chickens you actually saw hatch from an egg! It also incredible to watch the chickens peck around the garden foraging, you will soon pick up on their individual traits and personalities which can also be very entertaining. It is also a very positive thing to do with young children around, it teaches about responsibility, the welfare of animals and that your eggs don’t just come from an aisle in a supermarket. It is great fun for the whole family to get involved and provides hours of good clean fun for children (I’m speaking from experience)! You will also notice that the eggs produced from your very own flock taste miles better than supermarket egg and will have a rich deep orange yolk rather than a pale yellow one.

If you are interested in rehoming just the hens or purchasing our fully inclusive chicken keeping kit with the hens that will give you everything you need to start keeping chickens please get in contact with us.

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