Here at the Little Chick Company, we are passionate about egg hatching, offering schools, nurseries and care homes a two-week unforgettable chick hatching experience providing you with our state of the art, cutting edge, 360-degree visibility equipment to carry out the program within your own premises.

With over 10 years’ experience in hatching a whole range different breeds of chickens and even different species of birds from quails to guinea fowl, we know that we are the right company for you to choose for your egg hatching program. We collect the eggs that we hatch every day from our very own happy flock of hens based in Hampshire, we breed many different and sometimes rare breeds of chicken that fuels our enthusiasm for poultry.

Our egg hatching experiences have even been mentioned by Ofsted inspectors highlighting how positive they are!

If you decide to book with us we will arrange a suitable date for you and go ahead with the incubation process. When the eggs and equipment arrive at your establishment on a Sunday, the eggs would have been already been incubated for 18 days, this ensures that you are not waiting for the all-important hatch day for too long! The eggs will then be due to hatch the following Wednesday, you will often hear the chicks cheeping and see the eggs wobbling before they start to chip their way of the shell. To watch the chicks’ hatch out of their shells is truly an unforgettable experience and after 10 years of watching this happen, it still amazes me today! After the chicks have then dried inside the incubator they are transferred to the heater box (brooder) where you can watch them grow and develop for the next week and a half, it is amazing to see just how much they can grow in such a short space of time, we recommend taking daily pictures so that you can track their progress. We offer learning resources for schools and nurseries that coincide with the specific age groups curriculum, this hands-on approach is a great way to learn about the living life cycle. We will then come to collect the chicks and equipment the following Friday, this is often a sad time to see the chicks off, however, we will keep you up to date with regular pictures and emails of and about the chicks’ progress on the farm.

Back on the farm, the chicks will grow up in a free-range environment so that they can run around in the grass and forage for food amongst the brush and when they are old enough to lay eggs, they will produce the eggs for our hatching experiences! The chickens that we do not keep, go to new homes where the owners are just as enthusiastic about poultry as we are, all new homes are checked by us first so that we know the hens will be living in appropriate conditions to give us the peace of mind that they will have a happy and long life, animal welfare is always the top of our priority list! Some chickens are also rehomed to the parents and children that have watched the hatching experience, this is an amazing experience to watch their life from the very start to the point at which you can start eating their delicious eggs, please read more about this on our rehoming page!

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