Here at The Little Chick Company, we take pride in offering outstanding, unforgettable and affordable chick hatching experiences for nurseries, schools and care homes in areas around the South East. We are passionate about everything poultry related, this truly reflects in the hatching kits that we provide; from the state of the art equipment designed specifically to enhance the visibility of hatching and growing chicks inside the brooder, to the fertile eggs that we provide which are often from rare breeds of chicken.

How does the experience work?

We incubate the eggs for 18 days prior to arrival so that once the eggs and equipment are handed over you only have to wait 3 short days until you start to see the chicks hatch. Before the main event of the chicks hatching you may see the eggs rocking and hear the chicks cheeping inside the shells, this is a great time to get everyone involved and cheep back to them as the mother hen would in nature, this is a fun activity to do and even encourages them to hatch! Once all the chicks have hatched and dried in the incubator, this may take up to 24 hours, you may place the tiny chicks inside our brooder (heat box). The brooder acts as the mother hen and warms the chicks with a heating element, this is because at this very young age they cannot quite regulate their own body temperature independently. Over the next week, you will witness the chicks develop, grow and even form their own personalities, it is an incredible thing to watch them grow, in such a small space of time they grow immensely, we recommend taking pictures every day to track their progress. For schools and nurseries, we supply learning resources that can be used in lessons, this is a fun, interactive and unique way for children to learn about the living life cycle! At the end of the second week we will come and collect the chicks and equipment, although it is sad to see them go we will send you regular video and picture updates to show you how they are getting on.


We provide all the equipment you need for this experience, all you need to do is look after the chicks by keeping them fed, watered and clean. All of our state-of-the-art equipment allows maximum visibility to watch the chicks hatch and grow. We also provide you with a keepers manual, this tells you everything you need to know about caring for the chicks, our manual also includes a 24/7 hotline that directs you to an expert in this field if you have any worries, concerns or questions. We are always happy to pop in and help if you need any assistance.

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